"Build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet. One way to do this is to purchase a few extra items each week to build a one-week supply of food. Then you can gradually increase your supply until it is sufficient for three months. These items should be rotated regularly to avoid spoilage." Go here for additional information on "long term" supplies.


* How do I pay for it? I found this document on the website which gives you tips on Financing Food Storage. Some of them are eating out less often, buying things on sale, buying fewer ready-prepared meals, learning to can, etc. Go here to read entire document.

* Food Storage Amounts for 1 person for 3-months. I took what are prophets have counseled us to store for 1 person/year and divided that by 4 to get a "basic" 3-month supply- go here.

*Advantages of having a 3-month supply. Do you know you can have and emergency supply that you can eat? You will never run out of anything again! You will also have a guaranteed variety of cooking options. Go here for information I have found on the "Advantages of a 3-month supply," "Creating your 3-month supply," and "Tips for Grocery Shopping."

*What else should my 3-month supply include? Do you have a plan for purchasing other non-food items for your 3-month supply? You should write down what sanitary items, first aid items, kitchen supplies, clothing, etc. you use on a 3-month basis and plan for those as well. Use your store receipts to help you track what items you use each month. Read in the WHAT ELSE DO I NEED section on this website for more ideas. Here is a sample of a spreadsheet which focuses on an item each month to purchase in the food, clothing/fuel, 72-hr kits, home production, sanitation and first aid categories so you will eventually have a "Year Supply in a Year."


Here are some great website links I have found on how to plan out your 3-month supplies using pantry lists, menus, spreadsheets, etc.:

* Pantry List Handout.

This list was created by folks at www.everydayfoodstorage.NET, and will help you know which items you'll need to make ANY recipe. Compare it with what is in your cupboards to see what you should be stocking up on TODAY! Go here for link.

* 3-month Menu Plan.

This 3-month menu plan from the website foodstoragemadeeasy.NET allows you to plan meals for three months and tally up the quantity of items you need to purchase. You decide how many different meals you want to plan for and then adjust the math to equal 90 days worth of meals. Go here for link.

* 3-month supply excel spreadsheet and tutorial.

A 3-Month food supply Excel spreadsheet from the website foodstoragemadeeasy.NET (and view their how-to video). This spreadsheet will allow you to enter recipes and catalogue your family's personal needs for a 3 month supply. Go here for link.

* Purchasing a 3-month supply.

Learn a system from the website, on how to purchase your 3-month supply. Go here for link.

* 3-month supply in 12 weeks!

Want to learn how to obtain a 3-month supply in 12 weeks? Learn from website which has a document listed that contains menu ideas that would provide 7 different meals, rotated weekly, for 3 months. To learn more go here for link.



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