Non-Technical Interests ...


My wife and I enjoy

* Cooking & Eating things made with Hatch Green Chile! The hotter the better.
* Riding our bikes after work.
* (dilbert animation) Dilbert is our hero!!! Watch the new Dilbert cartoon show on UPN!!!
* Playing ball with our 2 crazy dogs.

I enjoy

* Working on cars, boats and anything that creates lots of horsepower and goes fast!
* Geeking out working with VHDL and other language atrocities.
* Playing piano, even though I haven't done it in years ...

My musical tastes are very diverse:

Tesla has got to be one of the better "pure" rock and roll bands that exist. Thank goodness they are reunited again!
* Van Halen although I'm decidedly more Hagar than Roth ... and don't even mention the current Van Halen with Cherone....
* Sammy Hagar. This guy puts on an awesome live show!
* Def Leppard. The boys are definitely back with Euphoria.
* Scorpions (the best band in the world)
* Bonnie Raitt (also try this unofficial page).
* Eric Clapton
* Stevie Ray Vaughn. What else can be said?
* Metallica absolutely rocks!
* Black Crowes. These boys are finally producing excellent music once again.

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