The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Chief Council of State School Officers (CCSSO) chose a 29-member Common Core (CC) Validation Committee to supposedly evaluate the standards to determine if they were rigorous; would prepare our students for college and careers; and if they were internationally benchmarked. As stated in our "Internationally Benchmarked" webpage, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, one of the CC Validation Committee Members, found out in 2009, this committee was no more than a "rubber stamp" committee.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Dr. James Milgram

Dr. Standra Stotsky, English Language Arts (ELA) expert and standards writer from Massachuttes, and Dr. James Milgram, a Mathematics professor and standards writer from Standford University in California, would not sign off on the standards along with three others from the CC Validation Committee. They would not sign off on the Common Core Standards because they were not internationally benchmarked; would dumb down our students by two years in math; were poorly written and developmentally inappropriate especially in the K-3 grades; and would only prepare our students for a 2-yr university not a 4-year accredited university.

The NGA and CCSSO Validation Committee wrote a document entitled "Reaching High- The Common Core State Standards Validation Committee" which shows the five members that would not sign off on the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) on page 4. Here is an image from our "Common Core- Rotten to the Core" presentation with added highlights showing the 5 members of the CC Validation Committee that would not sign off on the Common Core Standards in June 2010- Alfino Flores, Barry McGraw, Dr. James Milgram, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, and Dylan Willam.


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