The background story behind Dino-Hunter is we find a young man by the name of Harrison Lumina. He has gone through a lot of challenges in his life and he is about to face his greatest challenge yet! After the wreckage and destruction of the Junior Highschool Prom, Harrison and his friends must stop an evil client of his grandfather’s company from moving forward with his inadequate plans...through blood, sweat, tears, romance, and dinosaurs.


* The main character is the leader of the Hunters; Harrison Lumina. His appearance is based off my own persona. Harrison proves to be a true leader in the next five years to come. He meets Sadie Roberts, who will end up being his girlfriend in the future to come (spoiler alert!). Then comes Nick and Christina, an unlikely pair, but still seem to have the best humor and or game plans. Sam and Chase follow becoming comrades. Julia and Jackson don’t do much, but they sure do know how to survive. Then...is Oliver Jenson. Oliver's father had been involved in a setup 20 years earlier, which has helped decide the fate of everyone along the path to victory and evil. Prepare for a wild ride!!!


*The original plan for “Dino-Hunters” was to break it up into three separate books but that didn’t turn out so well. So I compromised by combining these parts into one book but that didn’t work either. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that “Dino-Hunters” books will now be broken up into two parts. Part One has begun and is complete and is currently posted, however, Part Two will be up very soon. Follow Harrison Lumina and his friends as they stop evil plans from reaching full height, but will they be able to stop what has already come?


* Coming soon, there will be future chapter updates for my books. They will show up every once and a while, so be sure to check em’ out!!!


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