Welcome to Samuel’s Book Shelf! I created this website to tell relatives and friends about what I am up to. I hope you find it creative, entertaining, and don’t forget to leave a comment on how I’m doing on my writing. Thanks and enjoy!


My Books

*About a year and a half ago, I began to have thoughts of writing a series with my close friend, Dylan Hendricks. This first came to me about the rumors of Jurassic Park IV (rumored to be coming out June 11, 2013). That is how my first book was born. Soon enough, after my sixth grade year, I was convinced to write yet another tale corresponding with the first. The next book is known as “Gone at Dawn”. This led me to making the final installment, “A New Return”. Read more about the books below. Read the books in the links above.


*Harrison Lumina is just an average Junior High student who will be faced with his greatest challenge yet. Join him and his friends in this desperate journey to stop a client’s plans from going forward. Read the rough draft copy from the Dino-Hunters link above.

Gone At Dawn

*This next installment of the series involves a greater evil than before. Oliver Jenson betrays the company they work for, and is out to kill them for what had happened 20 years earlier. Venom is created to weaken the human body and control the human mind. To spread it around the world, it is launched into the atmosphere, until every human being is his servant. Read the rough draft copy from the Gone at Dawn link.

A New Return

*Then, the final installment of the series arrives. Oliver Jenson is dead, and a new traitor arises… his brother. To avenge the death of his father and now his brother, he is out to not kill Harrison, but everyone. As a beam shoots through to the core of the Earth, the end draws near. When the Earth is at stake, stepping up may cost a life, but not billions. The only options are stand up and fight, or stand back and watch, as Earth is destroyed. Coming soon…

Pivot Stick Animator

*Due to my recent keyboarding class, I have come across Pivot Stick Animator. It introduces those to animation with stick figures, which leads to endless possibilities. See more in the Pivot link.


I am enrolled at the Mesa Charter School known as The Heritage Academy. It is a wonderful school that teaches the proper rules of government, has more challenging classes, and endless opportunities. News came that my sister got accepted and will be enrolled in the following school year. I have entered the 2nd semester of 7th grade and am enjoying it. I enjoy writing of course, animating, flag football, working on computers, bowling, etc. My goal of this website is to show others what I am capable of, and how far I will go from making “good” to great!



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